Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lula's Blessing

Sept 7,2013

Today a couple of special things happened. 
1) My dad got baptized (again)
2) Lula was blessed
It was a very emotional event. The spirit was very strong. The Relief Society& Elders Quorum made us a very nice lunch too. My dad held Lula while Chandler blessed her.All priesthood holders in attendance stood in the circle. Mom made Lulas blessing dress using the same  material as my wedding dress& I made little ribbon roses to go on the bottom of dress& made a matching hair band. She looked so sweet& beautiful! She got blood from her cord on her dress during dads baptism so had to wipe that came mostly out:S What a time to have her cord bleed:p
It worked out in the end but ya. Gotta have SOMETHING go wrong right;) She was a sweet angel otherwise! The whole family (All siblings& their families) was able to be there plus shiloe& Dave and Alisha& Paul and of course Bishop Hannah& Bishop Sampson and some other ward members and Les& Janet Ball were all there.
After the baptism we went to the Relief Society room and all shared our thoughts, feelings, and testimonies as well as confirming dad a member. Then after all that Lula was blessed. Dad was able to be a part of the blessing and having him baptized the same day just made it extra special! I forgot to get a picture of both of them and of Lula with me, Chan & the girls :/ But I have these pictures:



Anyway, ya! Very special, memorable day:)

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