Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Update:)

It's cold....go figure right!:) So I'm obviously overdue on updating my blog!
So here are a TON of pictures from this Winter (which is still not over, but you get the idea!)
I should prob. start with the biggest update of all:)....(See Pic Below...)
 If you don't get it...
We are having another baby!!! This makes Baby #3!! We're very excited! Especially Allison! 
She was a bit confused at first. She said,"Are we having a baby like baby Johnny?". Yes Allison Mommy has a baby in her tummy. Allison: "YAY!!" Mom: Do you think we will have a boy or a girl? Allison: Well, we already have Sophie so I need a baby brother now. (haha) She's been saying for along time that she needs a baby brother so we will see if she is right! I won't know my due date until Jan 25th (that's my first apt):P So I'll keep you all updated and let you know when my due date is. And of course reveal whether Alli will be having a baby brother or baby sister! Or maybe both? Never know right!?

Alli just randomly came up to me yesterday and asked if I could cut some paper hearts out for her. Not sure where she got that idea but ya. So I started making hearts and she said, "Mommy can you put my name on this one?" and then she said, " Can you put Phia's name on this one?". And then we continued to put names on each heart until we had one for every person in our family & All her friends! It was alot of work, but she thought it was pretty awesome! :) We made the snowflakes the other day for fun so it was only right to put the hearts up there too!

Look how stinking cute Sophia looks with her hair in a pony with a red silk ribbon! SOOO CUTE!:)

Christmas Morning (Dec 2012). Keep in mind these pictures are ALL from my iPhone so not the BEST pics but you get the idea until I can put up my real pictures:)
We went to Cody, WY from Dec 26th-Jan 2nd. So there are a few pictures from there. This one is when Phia fell asleep right before we got to Burger King where we were eating for lunch. I put her in there for a sec. It was pretty funny!

This was on the way to Cody. Look at all the ice!

I made a barbie roll for each Niece & a Car roll for each Nephew. It was a LOT of work but they turned out cute and the kids LOVED them! :) 
This is one of the Barbie Rolls.

More Barbie Rolls

These are some car rolls I made for the boys!

Alli& Sophie the Sunday before Christmas...ya...I didn't get too many pictures...
We put up a teddy bear tree in the girls room. They LOVED it!

More car rolls (sorry everything is kind of mixed up!)

This is a pic of their tree:) Alli said she wanted to sleep under it every night! And when we came home from Cody & it was gone she was like, "HEY! Who took my tree!?" I said, "Grammy was nice and put it away for us while we were gone." to which she replied, " GRANDMA took my tree! She needs to give it back!" (hahahahaha)

I was putting the tree up and Alli was playing behind me. When I turned around she was gone....Then I saw her peak her little head out of the trunk! haha She's really into getting inside things though...Like the other day she got inside the dryer! Ya, wasn't too happy about that one...but kids will be kids.

Another car roll

Alli has been getting potty trained lately and Sophie thought her pull ups were pretty cool and wanted to wear them! hehe

yaaaa Alli got ahold of my Make-up! She did a pretty dang good job! She was SOOO proud I almost couldn't get mad at her! When I said oh no you are in so much trouble she said, "mom! No! Just a minute! I need to finish my make-up!"

Another car roll!

I got Chan a toy train to put around the Christmas didn't last until Christmas...:( Alli broke some of the track and the connection for the train...:/

We did a "vintage" "classic" theme this year! Love it!:)

We went to SLC and stayed with Val & Steph and went and looked at the lights on Temple Square. It was really cool! :) This is the first time I've seen them (crazy right!) The girls LOVED hanging out with their cousins! I have lots more pictures I'll have to post!

*Start Drooling NOW!* Yaaa, my husband is freaking awesome! He got me a Silhouette Cameo for our Anniversary!! It was a business expense so I can make vinyl things for his cars. OH, by the way, we bought the Budget Blinds here in the Rexburg area here back in September! It has been going pretty good! We're hoping we can make a living out of it!

One min she's eating the next she's out like a light! I have the best video I will post of her! hehe

The cute yellow "time out" chair my dad made for the girls. It doesn't work so well because they both like to play with it...but it's cute right! Oh! And that afghan my friend Shiloe made! Cute right!

Kind of a scary pic, but it's to show the cute Owl hat I got in a trade! Love it! SOO hootin cute!

The girls play area. Alli wanted lights on her house too. It made it pretty cool!

Our first Thanksgiving on our own! We had Jake, Kassie, Natalia, Aaron &Adrienne over! 
This was the first time we'd ever made a turkey! It turned out AMAZING!!! Bet I've ever had...just saying;)

Our great meal & appetizers

Dutch Apple Pie (mmmmmMMM)

Cute Christmas pictures:)

This is Allison's Christmas List :)
I told her we needed a yard to have all those animals. She said, "Ok, I'll ask Santa for a backyard too Mommy"...I wish that's how it worked! :)


Becky said...

FINALLY! LOVE the pictures, so I may steal a few and save on my computer. And just for the record, the Teddy Bear tree is, of course, Gammy's, but I do like to share. I'm just glad she finally appreciates it. They don't care much about it before age 2. You made a TON of those Barbie and car roll things. I had not seen them all. Good job!

Kassie Groll said...

Wow, you had a lot of work put into Christmas this year! & By the way I just LOVE a pony tail on Sophie, it's too darn cute!

& the turkey was amazing.. ! lol.