Monday, March 5, 2012

Allison's Birthday & Updates!

 Allison's Cake for her 2 year old Birthday! 
She LOVED it! In fact I had a piece today mmmm
So this is how I did it:
I used 2 white cake mixes
 (You can use any flavor. I added a bit of food coloring to make it a bit prettier too)
two 9 inch round cake pans
1 microwave safe bowl that will fit a whole cake mix and that is about 9" round. 
I also used moms cream cheese frosting recipe that she uses for her honey cake. MMMMMmmmmm it is SO good! anyway...

Mix the 1st cake mix as instructed (make sure you spray and flour all the pans/bowl)
Pour 1/2 into 1 round pan and half in the other.
Bake as instructed and when done let cool for 10-15 mins or until cool and then take out of pan.
 Mix other cake mix as instructed and pour in the bowl and bake 25-30 mins or until tooth pick comes out clean.I would recommend doing this one first because it takes longer or if you have 2 ovens use both oven so they all bake at the same time. Or if you want you can put them in all at the same time. Anyway...I am so Blog ADD. 
Bake the cakes and let them all Cool. Then layer the two round ones and bowl one (bowl one on top). Use the frosting of your choice. Put a little bit between the layers to hold them together and fill up cracks. Cut a bit off the top of the round layers if needed to make them lay flat. cut a small whole for the barbie top to sit in. By the way I just got a cheap Dollar Store barbie for $1 and took her legs off. You can buy fancy tops but I just threw it away when we ate it. 
Then frost the whole cake with frosting of your choice (I used the same for the whole thing I just used red food coloring to make it pink for the outside). 
Stick the barbie in the top.
Decorate/frost the barbie top and dress as desired. I added some sprinkles for a bit of sparkle.
I have also seen where they used fondant instead of frosting but this is so much tastier. 
Okay, so here's the frosting recipe I used:
1 (8oz) cream cheese-softened
2 cubes butter--softened
8 oz sweetened condensed milk
16 oz whipped cream, thawed
Mix filling and frost layers

Chill cake once its all together so it doesn't "melt"

We invited a bunch of our fiends and family:)
My parents (we had the party at their place), Aaron & Adri, Alisha, Paul, Lorentz& Lanea, Dave, Shiloe and Elliot, Jeff, Laura & Tanner, and Kyle, Addie & Nalissa (sorry about any miss spelled names)

My girls:) Feb 2012

This is what I got for Chan for Valentines Day. Besides the batteries for his RC Cars. I made the Candy Bouquet and added little cute phrases on the soda and fruit. The frame is used as a white board you can write notes on.

Oh, by the way, Sophia is crawling and pulling herself up on things. She gets into everything and tries to do everything Allison does. It's cute but she sure can get into alot of stuff now! She can also sit up quite well and go from crawling to sitting up. She's going to be walking before I can blink!

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mamasteph said...

Such cute girls! :) Happy birthday to miss Allison!