Friday, February 3, 2012

Donut Holes

So I have really been wanting to make glazed donut holes and I figured "how hard can it be" right?! So I search for a recipe. I found cinnamon/sugar ones, chocolate covered, even lemon glazed! But no reg glazed. SO I found a good glaze recipe that was for cupcakes (it worked out great!) and set out to make them! So problem 1: It takes FOREVER to make dough! So I gave up on that and instead found some pre-made pizza crust dough (and some quick pretzel dough but I haven't tried that)! May I just say--dough is pretty much dough no matter if you get frozen, premade or spend 2 days making it! the pilsbury pizza dough in the can thing worked perfect!! I just rolled them into tiny balls and threw them in some hot vegetable oil in a pan (med heat) and you've got donuts all ready to coat! If you make bigger balls flatten them and they will rise/round up in he pan & cook more even! If not you will have raw dough in the middle FYI! So just use a spoon with holes and pull them out when they are golden onto a plate. Then coat them in glaze (let glaze harden) then you can put another coat of glaze if you like! Let glaze harden again and you're good to eat! If you prefer powdered sugar or cinnamon & sugar coating then just do that instead of glaze. If they cool a little before you coat them that's fine they will still coat beautifully! Maybe even better! Anyway, I will attach pictures and the glaze recipe when I get to it! Just thought I'd share my experience! Oh, I also added a note for my hubby that said, " DONUT you know I love you a HOLE bunch" too:)

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