Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

 Above: I made the girls matching skirts
Below: Cute skirt for Sophia

 Above: Christmas Morning before opening presents
Below: Sweet Diaper Bag that Kassie Made for me

Above: I made a Key Holder to match:)
Below: The Sweet Thermoses--One for Alli one for me:) (seriously the best thermos ever!)

 Above: cool bags Kassie made to go in diaper bag. She also made a sweet changing pad to match that I forgot to take a pic of:)
Below: Sophia with her "softy" blanket Aunt Adri made

 Above: cool scarf mom made
Below: Sweet tv mom and dad got!

 Above: Alli's Magnadoodle. It's like her fav thing ever :) Mom likes it too!
Below: Sweet Cricut cartridges Silvia got me for Christmas. Seriously the coolest!
So this Christmas was a good one:) Allison is at the age where everything is so exciting and cool so she made it extra fun! Oh, while I'm thinking of it: Allison has said her own ni night prayers twice now:) Okay, so really we say it then she repeats it, but still! So cute!:) Also another update: Sophie is a pro at rolling over now and she is determined to crawl (she "turns" now). She LOVES the blanket Aunt Adri made her for Christmas:) It's her "softy". Allison is also into drawing now so look out walls! We got her a Magnadoodle for Christmas! It's her favorite:)

Anyway, We all go lots of things including: That cool shopping list thing that prints off that I know you all saw on Pinterest, Chan got a GPS with lifetime updates (sweet), Clothes, Gift Cards, Scarves, hat, sewing machine cover, fabric, other craft stuff, Alli got a little broom, vacuum set (she loves that too), anyway, I'll add more soon. Chow!


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