Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recipes, ideas,update etc.

So I made some pretty brilliant discoveries and ideas lately.

One being fruit ice cubes. Blend Orange Juice, Banana's, and a bag of frozen mixed berries (usually they have strawberries, blackberries and raspberries in them). It's good fresh, but also very yummy frozen in an ice cube tray (good for putting in alli's little food contraption. You can put like oranges, ice cubes, etc. in it and it has a little mesh type thing so that they can bite and suck the juices out but can't choke on the actual object. Messy but brilliant). Alli loves them and they don't have any added sugar, etc. I put the fruit cubes in some lemonade and oh boy was it YUMMY! Think raspberry lemonade only better! If that's possible. Would be good as a punch at a party.

So I was trying to think of ways to use my baby food jars and my formula cans and I think I have found some very useful ways or using both.
For the baby food jars I take the label off and wash them (in the dishwasher). Usually there's a sticky film on them from the label still which can be taken care of easily, but I haven't bothered with that yet. We picked up a magnetic knife rack from ikea for $8.99 and I just put the strip on my table and stick the jars upside down on it. You could put it under a table ledge or desk ledge or the underside of a shelf...or right on the wall. You can also cover the jars and make them look "pretty", but this works for now.
Okay, so my idea for the formula cans....
I have the regular sized Similac Advanced cans, but I'm sure you could do the same for the larger flip lid ones. My idea is to cover the outside of the can with scrapbook paper (maybe mod podge it) and them either put a sticker on the lid that says what's in it or a name, etc. you could do anything really or just decorate it with a bow, paper, etc. Then you could fill it with anything really but my idea was to put shredded paper or confetti in it and put a gift such as jewelry, homemade chalk, homemade fudge or other yummy treat, or an 'emergency' kit or anything really. Candy, spa kit, etc. You can personalize it for whom ever you are giving the gift to. Or just use it as a chalk holder, pencil holder, treasure holder, spice holder?, piggy bank etc.'s the same idea as decorating like a paint can only it's easier to clean.
Anyway...those are some of my stokes of genius. I will have to go crazy with the formula can idea and take some pictures for everyone to see. I also need to take pictures of the other 2 things as well.

Oh and on a not so pleasant note, I had to use the trash can as a "chucky bucket" this morning right after breakfast :P There went that bowl of cereal. 1st this pregnancy and totally out of nowhere. I have my first apt today for baby #2 as well. What a day.
My parents got Allison a crib as our families "big present" this year. It is SO CUTE and SO NICE. I love it. I need to take pictures of it still. The only time I seem to be in there is when I getting her out of bed or putting her in bed so I'll eventually get a picture. We needed a bumper really bad and thought about making one because it's cheaper that way and they have such ugly dumb ones it seems. But we went into DI the other day in Rexburg and low and behold dad finds the perfect one for only $3! You can't beat that anywhere. Even at a garage sale! It looks brand new and is very simple with just a few sayings on it. Pink in color. SO CUTE. Anyway...I was super excited about that. I'll post pictures later.
Oh, I also got a toy in the mail today that I got with my pampers reward points. Its a monkey that rattles and has teething rings on it. I can't wait to see Allison's reaction.

We got a Christmas package from Aunt Whitney which had alot to do with Chandler's cheese fetish. Different kinds of graters, etc. Among this package was a little rubber mouse. Allison LOVES this mouse! If she looses it under the couch she lays on the ground and tries to get it out from under the couch and cries if anyone takes it away. It's incredibly weird, but she thinks it's the greatest. I'll have to take a picture of that too:)

Allison is teething more (of course). She now has 3 teeth on top with the 4th coming in and her 2 cute little teeth on bottom. She has learned how to use them on all sorts of things (other than food). Like me and daddy's knees, legs, shoulders, and any object she can get her hands on.
For Christmas Grams and Poomps sent $ for Allison. Thanks!We got some adorable dresses with it as well as some crib sheets. She needed some new dresses badly. The only one that fit her and wasn't summery was the one Aunt Whitney got her at Thanksgiving. (Which is totally adorable!) I have some pictures of her in her little dresses. For some reason I don't have a picture of her in the 4th dress or it by itself. It's the same as the black one with polka dots only it has white/black/red plaid on the bottom part and red on the top.She obviously isn't very good about keeping her shoes on:) She's such a ham:)

She kept either wanting to play with her shoes, jump up and down or play with daddy who was standing next to me. It was funny:)

In the above picture she is standing up and throwing herself onto the love sac. Ya, She LOVES that! Laughs like crazy haha

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