Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby update 10-08-09

I won't know what I'm having til either the end of this month or next month depending on when they can get me in for the ultrasound. We're very excited to find out.
I'm not sure but I think I have been feeling some little kicks on my tummy this past week. It's hard to tell because I've never felt it before, but I know the baby is a kicker. At our last apt. when we were having the ultrasound the baby was kicking like crazy. I couldn't tell whether I could feel it kicking or if i was feeling the little ultrasound thing being pushed against my stomach to try and see everything.
I've been less sick lately which is always nice. I'd have to say I'm pretty lucky to be having such a good, less sick, less emotional, healthy pregnancy.
According to the Dr. and my "What to expect when your expecting" book I'm right on schedule with the growth of the baby and the growth of my stomach (although I'm caring pretty good bc i'm hardly showing still. I'll prob. show more by the end of this month). I'm also on schedule with all the being less moody, but more frustrated. Very clumsy and forgetful (majorly), and little things like being less sick and blowing my nose a lot.
I'm finding there's way more things with being pregnant than just being sick. Although, I have been fortunate to not have everything so bad.

Anyhow, that's my update. There will be more exciting things to come!!


p.s. It's good to be in Rexburg, ID and the business seems to be coming together quite nicely.

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Kassandra Groll said...

We're moving there in March for sure..!!!! My class will be over March 6th then we'll be on our way!!