Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Update!

So, it's been along time sense I've updated this blog. Not just added stuff to it but really UPDATED it. Well, I suppose the biggest update is that me and Chandler just found out 2 or 3 (?) weeks ago that we're expecting our first child!! aka WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! :D So ya, we're pretty excited about that. We also very recently, Monday to be exact, got a Chocolate Lab Puppy. We couldn't pass her up sense they were giving her away for free. We've been talking about a puppy for awhile and sense hopefully in the not so distant future my wonderful parents will be buying a home out here soon, we would be renting from them, we figured it was just as good a time as any.

Pregnancy update:
I'm not for sure how far along I am yet. I have my first appointment on Aug. 18th. I'll find out more at that time.
I took my first pregnancy tests on July 7th and both were positive. Then on the 8th I went to the Family Planning place and had a pregnancy test done by a Dr. and it was positive. Of course I started to feel like I was pregnant just before I went out to Missouri for my grandmothers funeral. So I could be anywhere from a month-2 months along already.
I've been very lucky to not be throwing up my guts (so far). Which has been very nice sense I am still working at Kmart about 25-29 hours a week now. I have better and worse days of course. Some days, like today, I just feel so tired that I want to sleep all day and do nothing. Other days I just have a little upset stomach but it settles after eating. Some days I just feel yuck all day for no reason at all. I'm sure any of you who have experienced being pregnant know how that goes.

Chandlers family was out here the last part of June-the 2nd week in July. So we've been busy socializing and working and now we've been staying at grannies house to make sure the puppy is okay. Oh, we're keeping the puppy at Chandlers grandmas for now because we're not aloud to have dogs here at the apartment. Which is fine because then we spend time with granny and the dog has more space.

I'll post pictures here pretty soon. I'm just so busy lately. So ya...I think that's about all that's been going on with us lately. I'll keep you all posted. LOVE YA!


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