Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For My Husband

So I know that I only have 1 Follower on my blog and that the only others that look at this are my family. And I decided that I really don't write enough stuff about my life on here.I'm really not good about "writing" or "blogging" much on here. And I'm especially not good about writing about my wonderful husband enough. So I thought I'd write a little about him. And this is for him so if you don't want to hear any mushy stuff then you can just ignore this post.

My Husband, Byron Chandler Moore, is the kind of Husband that would tell me he's going to be a little late because he had to clean a room and then come home with flowers and tell me that he didn't have to work late, he just needed a cover so he could have time to go get the flowers.

He's very thoughtful. He thinks of others more then himself sometimes.

He's the kind of husband that if you decided one day that you want to write a book he'd go out and find the best editor and the best laptop. He's very supportive.

He's the kind of husband that if I have to work and he's off I more then always come home to him finishing up the dishes or laundry. Or maybe even have the whole house/apt cleaned and sitting on the couch lounging like nothing had happened all evening.

He's the kind of husband that encourages me to go hang out with my "girlfriends" instead of complaining about it.

He's the kind of husband that if I feel too tired or stressed to do dishes or clean the house up he doesn't complain and alot of times he just helps out.

And like any couple we do argue and disagree, but he's usually the first to say "I'm sorry".

He's very smart and can do all the math stuff in his head that I need him too. Very handy. He can fix just about anything wrong in the house that I need fixed. Even if he has to call for backup.

He's very involved in our finances and is always willing to give up that thing he's been wanting for just a while longer.
He also is very good at reminding me about bills that need to be paid or to watch my own spending.

We balance one another out.

He's always willing to pitch in with dinner whenever he's called upon to do so and is always eager to try something new. Yet, at the same time, he will stay out of the kitchen when it gets too many cooks in it.

He always does something for the holidays, but it's the times in between that he seems to really shine for some reason. Which I kind of like because then I get that "special day" on a day that the whole world isn't celebrating. Like when we went out for a nice dinner together, just randomly. Or when he brings home those flowers unexpectedly because he noticed I'd had my eyes on them.

And he actually likes to go shopping with me. I mean like he prob. enjoys shopping almost more then I do sometimes. And he always wants to see how that outfit looks on me and is very honest if he likes it or hates it or if he thinks it makes my look bigger or not. I like that he's honest about it. Most husbands would just say "oh ya hunny that looks great'" to ever single outfit so you never know if he likes it or hates it or if it looks horrible on you really and he's just not saying so. Sometimes I'd rather go shopping with him then with another girl. And of course if you try on "the shirt" or "the pair of jeans" and they are a little more then you'd like to spend, instead of tossing it aside he'll notice that you can't live without it and will let me get it instead of saying no way. And if it's really too much, he'll say, well, lets save up for it. After awhile we've done this thing where if we like something and it's really pricy, before we even try it on, we either say "yes this is perfect i have to have it" or "It's cute, but it's not $THAT CUTE$". So it aliminates all the struggle.

He's the kind of husband that comes home and gives me a big hug and a kiss.

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