Friday, June 13, 2008


Hey! So here's the 411.

* Chan found out he has allergies in Missouri and hasn't been able to go outside much. He's been wearing a mask and taking lots of allergy medicine when he goes outside.

* Chandler smacked my bum ( my cell phone was in my back pocket to protect me) and his wedding ring shattered...i have a force field people! :) Good thing his ring was only like 6 bucks! We did find out that it was some kind of like ceramic or stone or some sort though. weird. Guess it's time for a real ring!

* Chandler is in to "Slot Cars" these days. New hobby.
The Tracks look like this--some are different--this ones ours:

Here's one similar with the parts all spred out so you can get the idea:

They have little trigger things that make them go around the track like this:

This is what the cars look like--there's LOTS of different styles!:
Top Bottom

* We're going to be going out to Utah for Chandlers Family Reunion in July. We're going to go through Cody, the long way, and spend a few days there before we go out there though. Which will be way fun! I'm excited to meet his family and best friends!:) I'll no doubt have lots of pictures and such from the trip!

So there ya go...i think that's about it...oh! My friend Kylie is married...Her wedding photos are SO CUTE! She had a gorgeous dress and the guy she married served a mission here...he's alot cuter than i remember! They're cute together!!:D

Love ya all!


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