Thursday, June 26, 2008


So here's a couple things i may have forgot to post like:

** My dad cut his thumb off while using a table saw making bee boxes a couple weeks ago...he had to rush to the hospital and later that night his thumb was amputated at the nuckle. He is healing quickly and other than his mood swings and getting frustrated very easily with himself he is doing great. **

I think I mentioned Chandler hitting my cell phone in my back pocket and smashing his wedding ring?? If not well, he did. And here's the picture of it: (Don't didn't cost me over $10)

And I also wanted to post a pictuer of Chandlers Slot Car Track that he made bigger. So here's pictures of that and his new cars:

I think that's about it:) I've been doing dad's book keeping and such for the resturant, now that he got his thumb cut off, which is giving me something to do. Sense he tends to get very frustrated with his handicaped hand we all figured it was best he just stayed away from anything that would stress him out too much. So he's taking it easy and I'm learning his crazy oganizing methods. That's all for now!


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