Monday, August 9, 2010

HUGE update x 3

So we went to Cody, WY for a visit while Chan's parents were here. Then we went down to Salt Lake City for a day. All I have to say is the Temple and Ikea are a must when we go. I'll be uploading a ton of pictures so bare with me! I made a bunch of baby headbands the past few days to sell. I'll post pictures of those too:) All is crawling backwards, in circles, and rolling all over the place. She's half way across the room in a blink! She's yet to master forwards though. I've made lots of yummy things lately too. Pot Pie, Cake cookies, etc. MmMmMm
Anyway, I'll let the pictures talk!


We got Alli a johnny jump up. She loves to jump and turn in circles. She's still a little small for it:) But she likes to suck on the edge anyway.
I also figured out how to make vinyl decals with my cricut machine:)

These are all the headbands I made:)
Pot Pie:)
Salt Lake City Temple
These are pictures here in Idaho Falls at the falls.
This is at old faithful in yellowstone. We barely missed the explosion. Oh well:)
Alli has been in alot of places so far in her life! Most people haven't been in as many places as she has been in their whole long lives!

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Aquilter said...

Cute pictures! Dad would love that one of the honey bee on the orange flowers. You should make a copy of that for him for Christmas or B-day or Father's Day or something.