Monday, July 12, 2010


So a LOT of exciting things have happened in the last couple of weeks. Here's a list. I'll post pictures later when I get a chance!:)

*July 4th, 2010 Allison Cove Moore was blessed in the Ucon, Idaho Monument Ward.
We had My parents (Becky&Terry Groll), Chan's parents (Doran & Silvia Moore), Tristi Moore, Aaron Groll, Adrienne Larsen (Aaron's now fiance--Aaron announced it while they were here--They're looking at getting married this September),Creighton Moore, Jensea Moore, Kassie & Jacob Groll,Ralph and Nora Lee Onstine (Doran's Cousin?), our friends JT & Amanda Erickson, and Dave and Shilo Goodliff (spelling?).
JT, Doran, Ralph, Bishop Hobbes & his counselors (I don't know there names yet), and of course Chandler was blessing her.
It was a great blessing and Chandler was crying by the end (along with others). She was all fussy and tired and then in the circle I guess she was just smiling up a storm:)
Above: Allison with Mommy & Daddy on her blessing day
Above: Daddy with Alli
Below: Grandma & Grandpa Groll with Alli
Above: 3 Generations (another picture below as well)
Above and Below: Alli with Grams and Poomps on her blessing day
Above: Chandler's down syndrome brother (Creighton) with Alli:)She wouldn't stop wiggling!
He loves Alli. Below: Allison's Blessing Dress. Grandma Groll made it for her!

*We also had Chandler's sisters and nephews stay like the 27th-28th? Somewhere around there. The boys wanted to stay and live with us. They loved all the room to run, animals, outdoors, and they couldn't get enough of Allison! They wanted to take Alli home too:)
Preston, Hayden and Ruehl Playing around

*Allison actually got a little cold that started around the 3rd (?) Might have been later, I can't remember. She is now pretty much over it. Despite her little cold she was pretty darn smiley and happy still!

*Allison also learned a couple new things right after my parents left! She:
Rolled over from her back to her stomach (The second I put her on the ground she's rolling over. Makes changing her diaper a little difficult now, but she's trying really hard to crawl! I'll post a video of her speedy skills soon! By the time I get it up she'll prob. be crawling!:)

*She has also started to eat rice cereal. She caught on pretty quick and is quite the pro now:)

* She also had a Doctor's appointment the other day. She wasn't able to get her shots because she was sick, but I do know that she is about 11 lbs now!:) I need to call and get an apt. set up to get her shots done now that she's feeling better.

*We did many fun things while everyone was here including fireworks, going to the hot springs, going out to eat, etc. It was been very warm and pleasant lately! Although Forth of July weekend was a bit chilly.
Grandpa Groll & Poomps chillin' with Alli
We did alot of cool things with the sparklers including Allison's name. I still have to edit and add alot of pictures. I didn't even edit any of the ones I've already added. Anyway...
*Both sets of parents have been very helpful and gracious the past couple weeks. Doran and Silvia hooked us up with some much needed items: Iron, ironing board, Clothes line (umbrella style), a tracker sprinkler (Chan has been wanting one for awhile), a moving dolly, and many other household items.
And as always my parents have helped out with food and mom help me get some containers, plants, etc. (the flower bed she planted is beautiful!) And of course both Silvia and Mom were very helpful in the kitchen! Between the two of them I hardly even stepped a foot into the kitchen! It was very helpful with all the company we have had. We are very grateful to have such wonderful parents! :) Thanks guys!

* Our washer also started leaking and we had to get the one from the townhouse so we could do laundry. The dryer isn't doing too "hot" either. We're looking at getting a new set that match and work so we can take the washer back to the townhouse. Chandler and Doran spent alot of time taking apart the washer to try and see what was wrong with it. What a waist of time just to find out it was a complete mess and a complete mystery.

*Our plants are producing lots of fruits and vegetables. mmmm

*I'm finally starting to get things organized. Slowly but surely. We got a new desk for the office which has helped A LOT. It's a long process though. Drop by Drop.

*Our puppy Sadey (not sure if that's how we're going to spell it or not?) had a little scare the other day. She just all of a sudden started walking like a drunk and falling over like she didn't know how to walk. She was fine shortly after, but it was kind of odd? We need to go get them their shots so maybe they can tell us what may have happened. She's happy and seems to be just fine now so we hope it was just something she ate or got bit by.

*We also went to a family reunion (on Chan's side) this past weekend. It wasn't the most exciting thing ever, but I did get to see Pres. Benson's grave and a bunch of other cool things!We also went to a wedding reception while we were down there (down there meaning preston/logan area)

I think that's all the news/excitement right now! I'll post all the pictures and videos soon! Love ya all tons!

Jess, Alli, and Chan

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