Saturday, August 15, 2009

More new stuff

So Here's the recent updates:
1)We're moving to Rexburg, Idaho Sept 1st, 2009. Chandler will be going to school at BYU-Idaho and we will be able to have a bigger place. We'll also be able to get Medicade so we don't have to pay a butt load to have our little one. Who would think that it would cost so much to have one little living life form.
2) My First apt has been moved to Aug 25th b/c we're going to rexburg on Mon&Tues to move stuff (and down to Utah).
3) I have a TON of pictures I need to add, but I've been way busy with packing and work I haven't gotten around to it.
4) My parents where just out here not too long ago and we went to Idaho and hung out and stuff so that was super nice:)
5) We no longer have the puppy because we're moving into the townhouse with no lawn and no dogs aloud. lucky us a lady down the street was walking by when we were out in the yard with her and said she was so cute and that she was looking for a puppy just like her for company for her dog. And well, long story short, we sold her to her that night. God works in mysterious ways.
That's just about it.
Take Care all!!
If you want my new address email me.

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