Wednesday, April 1, 2009

picture update!

new futon and cute wall quilt from mom:)

neighbors yard the other day it was cool.

We have this huge wall with nothing on it and i wanted to display my jewelry somehow and my brilliant husband came up with this idea! It looks way cool. Of course the ugly fish tank on that wall doesn't really make it very attractive but you know.

I made the CUTEST necklace the other day! fun huh!

So i came up with the idea of putting the mini Cadbary Eggs in a cool tea cup from my china set.

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Crystal said...

Hey, we have the same background. Cool. So, I really like the butterfly necklace. I have been looking for something like it with black beads like those purple ones, preferably heavy glass or stone beads, and instead of a butterfly, metal circles or something generic so it will go with everything. I just like how asymetrical it looks. There was one at target that I wanted that was on sale but it wasn't there when I went back. So, if you could do something like that for me, let me know how much it would cost. And I still owe you 10 bucks. I got my blush the other day and it's the same shade I had before I think. And it does come in a compact sorta, so it'll work just fine the way it is for now. Thanks a ton! Love you.