Friday, September 12, 2008

Start of a New Chapter

So we sent our deposit for our new appartment in Cody yesterday!!:D And hopefully Marsha, Our foremans wife, will have her baby soon so we can leave sooner. We're shooting for the 1st week in October. We're going to see if Tev&Annie can pick up our apartment keys and take some pictures for us!:)
The Apartmet is an older 2 bedroom 1 bath Duplex on Central Street, only like 3 blocks from tev and annies!:) It's in the perfect location near gas stations, a grocery store, the gym & Ice skating rink, etc. So we're pretty excited! I packed alot up yesterday. I ran out of boxes...I still have to pack up everything that we use everyday though still...this could get interesting...haha
Anyhow, everything's working out even better than we hoped. The Duplex, even if it is old, is only $360.00 a month plus utilities! We budgeted for $600. So that's perfect! Even if it's old and tiny I'm still way excited. I haven't even seen it yet, but Chandler has been over there and seen them once before, but that was a few years ago. How bad can it be? If it's a dive we'll see if the land lord will let us fix it up a bit. Anyhow, I've gotta get back to packing and work. I'll update soon!

OUR FIRST APARTMENT TOGETHER! (Ours is the one on the left)
(This is the side of our neighbors duplex. gives ya an idea of what ours looks like)

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