Saturday, May 3, 2008


It's spring in Missouri and quickly turning into Summer. Me and Chandler have been jumping at the oppertunity to go outdoors as a way to spend time together. Chandler, Mom and I all built at little Fish Pond with fountain and waterfall in the breezeway. Chandler did most of the work. I'm so proud of him. We also worked on putting huge rocks around the circle drive. It's all turning out to be quite pretty.
Me and Chandler have also been going fishing alot lately. It's a good chance to get outdoors and be together. Chandler has caught lots of fish. The first time we went we only caught Perch, but the other day Chandler went out by himself and caught 3 bass! a baby one, mommy one and a big daddy one as he put it. The largest was about 17 inches and the next about 12 and the smallest about 8. Chan put them in the fish pond, but we took them out after we started noticing fish disapearing. We found one of the big Koi in the big bass. We're eating him for dinner tonight. We went and got more fish for the pond, took out the bass, perch, and the big rock in the middle. It looks nicer and nicer everyday.

Other new things lately are:
We went ice skating with Keira and her soon to be hubby Cody Miner. It was the last day to go ice skating in Jefferson City before the rink closed for the season. Chan didn't skate, but it was still fun. Keira is getting married May 9th in Nauvoo IL. The reception will be the 10th. Crystal will be here the 9th as well. Lots of fun things coming up. Keira asked me to be her bridesmaid so mom's been busy making a dress as well.

I don't know if i wrote on here that i got a new camera. Well, I got a new camera! It's pretty much awesome! I'd take a picture, but you know, kind of hard to do. i've been going crazy with it of course.

We also got a new computer. Desktop this time though. We got lots of memory and everything for about 750. Which is 200 less than what i paid for my laptop and it had less memory. It's nice, but it wasn't exactly nice to have to get a new one. I dropped my laptop and the crystal's broke in the screen and my cd drive was already not working so we decided to get a new one.

We also got our hospital bill back from when Chandler got stung by a bee. $1,700 total with the 200 we paid when we checked him out of the hospital. We got a $300 reduction fromt the bill sense we decided to pay all of it at once instead of making payments. That helped. It also helped that mom was nice enough to pay for it sense things were a bit tight and we hadn't gotten out tax return yet. Thank you mom. I'm forever in your debt.

So amidst all the good news there's always going to be bad. Our beloved friends Molly and Mo died the other day of fungus. It was a sad day. (Molly and Mo were fish-Beta's) Just as well i suppose. We'll prob get a new one once we're in Idaho.

So that's pretty much what's been going on lately. Hope all is well with everyone. Take Care.


Ice Skating in Jeff City with Keira and Cody

We've had lots of storms and lots of flooding:P
Spring is Here!

Fishing is Fun!

The Pond Chandler Built. So pretty!

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