Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good News, and Bad:P News

WELL, it's been kind of a different weekend. Saturday, March 6th, 2008 started out as a normal Saturday. Okay, not really. At 6 am the dog decided she wanted to bark her head off, so i got up and opened the garage door, she ran out then ran back in and went back under the porch. She didn't even stay out for more than 2 secs. Odd dog. So then i went back to sleep. Chandler woke up a 30 mins later and went and did bee's with my dad. Then at around 8:30 i get a call from my dad telling me where to find things for the restaurant. Wondering why he's telling me all of that if I'm not working. Come to find out he just wanted me to go over and help open up just in case we get busy. No custard had been made the day before so we were totally out. Leaving Anita the wonderful pleasure of making double the amount of custard. If anyone knows anything about making custard you know that you have to constantly be watching it as it goes into the bucket, and to watch the window and take care of the customers at the same time can be quite a challenge. So i went and saved the day, after taking a shower and looking somewhat presentable. I got there around 9:30 and left around 10:45 AM. Not too bad, it gave me a good reason to get out of bed before noon and gave me a little energy boost.
I got home, did a few things and then Chandler came home from doing bee's with my dad. My mother then asked me and Chandler to help her move some Huge rocks so that she can put them around the small circle drive in front of our house. We did this until the fork lift decided to die. Dad was over playing with bee's and so Chandler went over there to ask my dad where the battery was so he could jump the forklift. As he was coming back he got stung by a Bee on the top of the head. He came over and dumped water over his head. He asked me to get the stinger out. It was hurting his badly. He then went inside. He came back out promptly and asked me to come in and look at him. He was turning red all over and starting to swell and blister. It was a scary, horrible site to see. A bit funny, but very serious at the same time. We tried giving him a baking soda bath, but as he was in there he began to swell even more, even to the point that he was having a hard time breathing. We called his mother to see what to do. She said give him Bynadril. We couldn't find any. So we decided to rush him to the Emergency room. Which was 30 mins away in Sedalia. Chan laid in the back as i began our scary, heart racing journey to the hospital. Needless to say i was speeding the whole way. Except when that annoying truck back up traffic. I hate slow people. Anyhow...Chandler was a bit calmer now which was really nice. Me on the other hand...well...I was prob. more freaked out than before. We finally got to the hospital after what seemed forever. I had never been there really before so i went into the wrong entrance and had him go through the hospital to get to the emergency room while i parked the car and booked it around the hospital to the emergency entrance. I hate that hospital. They seriously need to learn how to put up SIGNS and have more than one entrance and exit to the emergency wing. It was ridiculous. I've never ran so hard and so long as i did that day. I walked in all out of breath and asked if Chandler had gotten there ok. He had just gotten there and was being carted to a room. I waited a min before i could go back. I got to his room and he was being fixed up with all sorts of stuff. Not exactly my idea of fun, but i was glad he was going to be ok. So the swelling went down and he got a bit of rest. Then we finally got to go home. Keep in mind that it was General Conference weekend, so he had missed the Priesthood session already. We decided to go to Wal-mart to get some medicine just in case he had any trouble between then and Monday.
Anyhow....that's basically how our Saturday went. Today is Sunday and we both watched General Conference and were spiritually uplifted.

Okay....the good part of the story....
Friday we got our taxes back. We owe $51 and we're getting back over 1,000.
That's always nice. God defiantly is amazing. Considering we never would have planned to need that much money right this min. And now we know where that return is going to go. Yep, paying the doctor bill:P blah.
Okay, i promised good news. Alright, so the other good news is Saturday we got our title for our Blazer! YA, FINALLY! That's been a crazy mess. We're hoping to go get license plates tomorrow or Tuesday. Sense it took so long we'll have to get an inspection again...ya, lame i know. Anyhow, that's still good news right!:D

Well, that's my little update for you all!
Take care!
Love ya all tons!!

Jessica Moore

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